Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rise of the Aztecs

The majority of people would argue that the Big Ten and the Big East are currently the most dominating conferences in NCAA basketball. In the upcoming 2011 NCAA March Madness brackets, which will be here before we know it, teams such as Michigan State, Purdue, Illinois, Villanova, Pittsburgh and even Notre Dame will potentially sit within the top ten seeds if they continue playing like they are now. However, for those of you on Villanova's campus, you may be unaware of what I believe is the "powerhouse" basketball team of the West Coast.
Hmm, who could this be? Many who havent been following college basketball may immediately say USC!! (last time I heard about them, was well....who cares). But no, wrong! Your friend next to you may be saying, "This is easy, it has to be the UCLA Bruins." Sorry sweetheart, but UCLA just lost to Montana and is going nowhere fast after they got beat by the University of Cal-Fullerton on the 24 hours of basketball marathon (It's awesome baby!!!). So no one knows?
Well, for those individuals who have actually been reading about West Coast teams, I am referring to the San Diego State Aztecs. The Who??? Yes, the Aztecs. San Diego State is currently 9-0 and it sweeping the West Coast by storm. Dont believe me? Ask Gonzaga who after being ranked early in the season in the top 25 was upset by these mighty Aztecs. Yes, there are those critics who will look up their schedule and say that the Aztecs also have only beaten teams like IUPUI (what?) and Green Bay (Packers?).
The Aztecs next play host to cross town rival San Diego University, who is known for having a solid basketball team the past few years. If you remember, they even upset Uconn one year in the tournament. After that their schedule continues with schools like Cal Poly, Occidental (excuse me?...yes that's a schools name) and UC Santa Barbara. So where's the competition? Well, they play both TCU and Utah twice which could present a challenge, however the Aztecs will make March Madness this year and will upset a big named team, if not two. Call them the new George Mason or Butler of the West, because the Aztecs are here to even make Dickey V say " IT'S AWESOME BABY!!"

Oh, and did I mention that they're ranked #14 AND their football team is playing Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl. Go Aztecs!


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Oregon Ducks are the powerhouse of the West coast!!!

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this is an awesome post haha

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