Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recap From the Day

*Yawn*...Oh sorry, you caught me falling asleep. Why am I so tired? Hmm, well it could be the fact that today's games were as exciting as hitting refresh on Facebook waiting for a wall post. Don't believe me? Well lets go through today.
1) Maybe when Harvard hears the chants "Go do homework", they should take the advice. Don't get me wrong, I love the "mid major" schools and am a huge fan of upsets, but c'mon now. When you play the #4 Uconn Huskies at least give them a little competition or swing some bows, do anything at all. Heck, you know the worlds against you for winning (except for me because I'd love for a big upset) so why not just throw a few punches here and there to at least make the game interesting. Unfortunately, this incredible academic university fell just short to the Uconn Huskies, losing 81-52.
2) "America, America, God shed his grace on thee!" Unfortunately, there was no grace or mercy shown to American University today as they took a short trip to Pennsylvania to play against the #6 Pittsburgh Panthers. Oh what a game this much happened that I don't even need to say anything. Pitt won and gots it's 200th victory under coach Dixon. American, good effort, I'll be pulling for you in the tournament. Pitt prevails 61-46.
You get my point now?
Other scores from today:
#8 Villanova 76, Monmouth 36
#5 Syracuse 93, Drexel 65
#14 Kentucky 89, Winthrop 52
#15 Baylor 83, San Diego 50
#20 Notre Dame 93, UMBC 53
#25 Louisville 114, Western Kentucky 82
However, there were at least two interesting games today.
The Florida game was much closer than expected. 2-9 Radford didn't care less about Florida's #19 ranking and gave them quite a scare. The Gators just barely squeaked by in this one, 66-55.
BUT, there was an upset today! #22 Texas went into #12 Michigan State's arena and jousted the Spartans 67-55. Texas now has some quality wins stacking up as they recently also beat UNC. Watch out for the Longhorns, they'll continue to hook every opponent they face.

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