About Us

Welcome to The Point After!

In December 2010, a few of my friends were talking about how we could find a way to keep in touch with other sports fans about hot topics and our random thoughts.  We decided right then and there that we should start a sports blog.  Since then, we have added a few writers and are constantly trying to expand.  The goal of this blog is to offer something different to our audience. Reports about athletes and teams can be found on ESPN or SI, but here at the The Point After we aim to share more than just the cold hard facts
There are a ton of people that know more about sports than we do and that is why we encourage you to interact with us.  Comment on our posts, share them with your friends, or if you feel like you could help The Point After, email us at pntafter@gmail.com.  We'd love to have you on board. 

Currently the blog gets approximately 100 views a day, but we hope that number can grow exponentially with more content and writers.  If you would like to be involved with the blog in other ways than writing, feel free to contact us. 

Finally, I'd like to thank everybody involved with The Point After.  We have some creative minds working with us, such as David Straple's weekly "What's The Point" featured article.  Additionally, a special thank you to Anjali Soni, who not only designed the webpage, but came up with the name of the blog. 

Keep reading and sharing!

Thank you!

-The Point After