Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Bump in the Road

One play can change a game. One team can upset another leading to the loss of a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Take for example, the very famous Scottie Reynolds layup which pushed Nova past the #1 Pittsburgh Panthers.This huge upset broke the hearts of the Panthers while the Nova Nation went wild along the mainline. However, as always, when a team loses early in the season many fans start to question the team's ability and skill. The recent Nova loss to Tennessee in the NIT tournament may have a few Wildcat fans nervous about the remainder of the season. Have no fear Nova Nation, just take a look at the upcoming games and you will see that the Wildcats could gain a lot of momentum heading into December and 2011 when Big East play begins:
                 Dec. 8 @ Penn
                 Dec. 12 @ LaSalle
                 Dec. 18 vs. Delaware
                 Dec. 22 @ Monmouth
                 Dec. 30 vs. Temple

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