Monday, December 13, 2010

Bold Prediction of the Week

Since there are only a few games scheduled as many schools are finishing their first semester, The Point After will only be having one bold prediction this week.  Despite an undefeated record and two huge non-conference wins away from home, I believe Tennessee will lose this week to Oakland.  Yes, Oakland University is actually a school and the Golden Grizzlies have started the year playing solid basketball.  With a tough schedule, they have hung in games against Purdue and Illinois, and lost 77-76 to Michigan State.

The game will be played on Tuesday in Tennessee, which will provide a hostile environment for the Golden Grizzlies, but Tennessee might have a letdown after a tremendous win against Pittsburgh over the weekend.  Led by Senior Keith Benson, the 5-5 Oakland Golden Grizzlies of the Summit League, has a chance to upset the Volunteers.

Prediction: Oakland 84-76

Keith Benson will have a 20-20 game!

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Joe Balcom said...

Keith Benson had a double-double. I'll give you that. 3 for 3 may not seem that great, but considering the surprise factor of each of these games, this is pretty impressive

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