Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Cinderella's' Early Magic

Good morning. This is your captain speaking. Please remember to fasten your seatbelts as we take a long and bumpy trip to March Madness. Remember, if excitement gets too much for you, then oxygen masks are available. Throughout the flight we will be serving up some of our favorites, including upsets and buzzer beaters. We hope you enjoy flying with us and again, brace yourself for the ride ahead.
Our first stop will be to the "Sunshine State": the land of oranges, beaches, babes, and basketball...and did I mention babes? There's been a request that we check in with the Florida Gators basketball team, however their loss to UCF has those gators hiding themselves in 'The Swamp'. Head to Florida State you say? That sounds nice, however after watching a game of theirs a few weeks back, well..hmm how do i say this...they have no offense? Yeah, thats about it. The more those Seminole fans keep singing and chopping their arms back and forth, the more they lose their voices and can't feel their arms. So wait, why are we in this state again? Travel with me to UAB where I'll introduce you to Cameron. No, he didn't just win the Heisman, this is Cameron Moore the 6 ft 10, 230 pound junior who plays for the Blazers. Moore was the 8th leading scorer on the team last year, however Cameron has stepped up his game and is now the number one shooter for UAB. He is averaging 19.7 points a game to go along with 9.4 rebounds. Cameron has recorded five double-doubles already this season and has his scorching Blazers standing at 7-2 on the season. Not to mention, UAB's two losses have come to Arizona State by three and Georgia by two. Oh yeah, and they've already beaten Arkansas 70-65. In their last victory against Kent State, Geno Ford who is the coach of K-State said that Moore is "the most improved player in the country". Not too far away, their inner state rivals the UCF Black Knights are jousting opponents left and right. Led by Marcus Jordan, who is averaging 16.3 points per game, the Knights are out to a quick 8-0 start. No wonder Florida is known as the 'Sunshine State', because these bright young stars are beaming on the hardwood and are burning their competition.

Stay tuned as our flight continues next week!

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