Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boise, Blue, and Backseat

It was one kick. Wide right. Round 2: Overtime, game winning kick..It's up and it's NO GOOD! As my favorite commentator Gus Johnson would say, " Heartbreak City!" That was the story to the ending of the Boise States Broncos season. Instead of qualifying for a BCS Bowl, they dropped far back into the MAACO Bowl against always good Utah.
It seemed as if in the beginning of the game Boise was dreaming of a BCS bowl game that they should have been in because the offense was unusually slow. The Utes scored their only points of the game in the first quarter. The Broncos then realized that they should make the most of their bowl appearance so the offense suddenly woke up thanks to an 84 yard sprint by running back Doug Martin. This set the tone for the remainder of the game as Kellen Moore caught on fire going 28/38 for 339 yards and 2 touchdowns. Utah was sloppy all night as their quarterback Terrance Cain had a horrible night, going 10/24 and only throwing for 93 yards with no touchdowns. Overall, the MAACO Bowl was something to watch if you were really bored. Boise did have a few trick plays as always but they weren't too successful. Congrats to Kellen Moore and an unbelievable career at Boise State.
Final Score: Boise State 26, Utah 3

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