Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Record For The Ages

You may not be interested in basketball, let alone even interested in Women's Basketball, however I believe that everyone should respect what the Uconn women's team did this evening. 89 straight wins. Just think about that for a moment. 89 straight consecutive victories without one loss. For All-Star Maya Moore, she can barely even spell "losing" because she has only lost twice in her whole college career. For the juniors on the Lady Huskies team, they don't even know what it feels like to lose an NCAA game. I believe that everyone who has participated in sports would love to never lose a game in highschool, however that seems to be almost impossible. Yes, the UCLA Men's program was incredible and still is one of the greatest sport's teams in history (although now they aren't too great) but the Uconn Women's Basketball team should be commended for an amazing run. I've never been a Uconn men's fan, however I have always followed the women's team because of their amazing athletic ability, their ability to blow out teams (teams in the top 10 too) and they always play until the final whistle. Heck, I say put them on the court against a top 25 men's team in order to prove that these ladies are for real. So for those in Connecticut to California to other countries throughout the world, respect the Lady Huskies basketball team, because what they have done is simply unflappable.

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