Sunday, February 27, 2011

Projected Top Ten Rankings

As we enter March, the rankings become more and more meaningful.  The top 25 teams have secured a spot in the NCAA tournament and the top teams are battling for seed positioning.  The #1 seeds usually come from the top 5, but with the craziness of college basketball this year, anything can happen.  So here are my top ten teams for this week:

1. Kansas
2. Ohio State
3. Duke
4. BYU
5. San Diego State
6. Purdue
7. Texas
8. Pittsburgh
9. Notre Dame
10. Wisconsin

Kansas is likely to get another nod at the top of the rankings after Duke failed to win on the road against Virginia Tech.  BYU makes the big jump in the top ten after defeating San Diego State for the second time this season.  The SDSU Aztecs follow BYU in my rankings, falling just one spot.  Purdue continues its hot run and moves up to #6, while Texas and Pittsburgh both drop two spots after losing on Saturday.  Notre Dame stays put at #9, while Wisconsin finds themselves in the top 10, as they finish their home record undefeated.

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