Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The City Will Never Sleep: Melo Time!

Welcome to the city that never sleeps. New Yorkers and New York sports fan may never sleep again, no joke. Ok, yes I'm over exagerating but unless you live under a rock you may realize that the Empire State is rocking and is about to get even louder.
As a dedicated New York sports fan, I've seen all of my teams struggle painfully in the past, however they are now making a push to be recognized as playoff and possible championship contenders. The acquirement of Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks has so much to offer for the city. After a Giants Super Bowl victory a few years back, the Jets representing the AFC in consecutive AFC Championship games the past two years, the St. Johns Red Storm heating up and a Yankees vs. Mets city rivalry, the Knicks organization has made a great move in trading for Melo. Chauncey Billups will also be joining the team as he has moved from the Pistons to the Nuggets and now the Knicks. From my memory, the last time I was this excited about a Knicks team was when one of my favorite players, Latrell Sprewell, played in MSG. With his sidekick Allan Houston, New York was a fun team to watch as die hard sports fan growing up on the East Coast. Now, despite losing many players, Carmelo Anthony will shape the entire organization for hopefully better future plans. Both Chris Paul on the New Orleans Hornets and Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz have expressed recent interest in joining Melo in the Big Apple. With Billups, Anthony, and hmm oh yeah Amare on the court together, the Knicks will once again prove they are no roll over team.
New York is currently 28-26 and is five games back of the Atlanta Hawks and 12.5 back of the Celtics and Heat. Fresh off the always intense All Star weekend, the Knicks have made one of the boldest moves in the NBA by giving up players such as Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and Timofey Mozgov. I am personally a big fan of all these players but am very proud of the Knicks organization for taking a big step in trying to obtain even more highly talented players. Carmelo averaged about 25 points per game when he was with the Nuggets. When New York is on the court, defenses will now be focused on Melo, leaving Amare more options to make huge differences in ball games. Down the road, I have faith that another All Star player will join these two NBA powerhouses in what will really have Madison Square Garden in a "New York State of Mind".


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