Sunday, February 20, 2011

Projected Top Ten Rankings

Sitting here on Sunday night, it is almost impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow when the poll comes out.  The top four teams in the country lost this week, which should mean that #5 Duke should move up to the top of the rankings once again, but are they worthy?  The answer to that question is probably no, but despite that they are probably going to be the #1 team in the country tomorrow.


1. Duke
2. Kansas
3. Ohio State
4. San Diego State
5. Pittsburgh
6. Texas
7. Purdue
8. BYU
9. Arizona
10. Georgetown

Honestly, I could get all six of these wrong, but here is my reasoning.  Duke is #1 by default and haven't lost in a reasonable time.  Kansas is #2 because they are the best offensive team in the country and have proven that they are the most talented team in the country, followed by Ohio State who I have at #3.  The next three is where it gets a little dicey, because I dropped Pitt and Texas to 5 and 6 respectively, allowing SDSU to move up to #4.  San Diego State has one loss this season, which was to BYU and the Aztecs have not slowed down since then.  The fact that they have only one loss and to a top ten team makes them a sure-fire top five team at this point.  They very well could grab a #1 seed for the NCAA tournament if they win out.  At #7 I have Purdue who knocked off Ohio State earlier today, and beat Wisconsin earlier this week.  What a week for the Boilermakers who deserve a ton of credit after losing their best player, Hummel, before the season began.  BYU, Arizona, and Georgetown round out my top ten, but I'm only sure about BYU.  Arizona plays in a weak Pac-10, but have held their own in the past month, giving them a reason to be in the top ten this week.  #10 Georgetown lost this week, but there is no other team to put in the top ten who really deserve it.  

We'll see what happens tomorrow afternoon, so tune in to The Point After for analysis!

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