Friday, February 11, 2011

The New Three Point King

There was no doubt that he deserved it.  The only question was when he would pass Reggie Miller and it finally happened tonight against the Lakers.  Celtics' guard Ray Allen hit his 2560th to tie Miller and then the 2561st to pass the man he commentated the game.  Ray Allen can now be called the greatest long range shooter in the game.  Yes, Larry Bird and Reggie Miller are great shooters and are among the elite, but you can't take this away from Allen.  He's done it all throughout his career and no player has a prettier shot then #20 on the Boston Celtics.  His release is quick, his form can be described as beautiful, and he actually plays solid defense as well.

Ray Allen may have never been the best all-around player on his team, but he is the league's best pure shooter year in and year out.  Allen has shot the three pointer at 39.8% in his career, which alone is outstanding.  The fact that he has done that with 6433 attempts, makes it even more impressive.  Jason Kidd is 800 three pointers behind Allen right now and that margin increases every game.  This is a record that may not be broken in our generation of players, as it takes a long career and incredible shooting ability.  In behalf of The Point After, I would like to congratulate Ray Allen on his feat.

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