Sunday, February 13, 2011

Projected Top Ten Rankings

Sitting here on Sunday night, I just can't imagine how the top ten will turn out this week.  For the first time all year, we don't know who the #1 team will be, or who will be #2 or #3 for that matter.  It'll be an interesting poll because four teams will probably get first place votes, and you can't count out Duke garnering some votes either.   With all that in mind, here's my top ten for this week:

1. Texas
2. Kansas
3. Ohio State
4. Pittsburgh
5. Duke
6. San Diego State
7. Notre Dame
8. BYU
9. Georgetown
10. Wisconsin

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Georgetown jumped BYU, or if Kansas was #1.  Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin has a huge effect on the rankings this week as Wisconsin should find itself in the top ten.  #9 UConn, #10 Villanova, #12 Purdue and #13 Syracuse all lost this week at least once, giving the 14th ranked Wisconsin Badgers the easy track to the top ten.  There is a legitimate case for #1 for Texas, Kansas, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh.  Texas is on fire and hasn't lost in ages, while Kansas' only loss is to Texas.  Despite Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin, they are probably the most complete team in the country and still will garner some first place votes.  Pittsburgh is clearly the best team in the best conference, giving them the strength of schedule advantage over any of the other three teams ahead of them.  It will be an interesting week as we get closer to the NCAA tournament!

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Joe Balcom said...

Almost perfect, with the exception of Kansas and Texas

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