Friday, June 10, 2011

Thoughts on Game 5

I'm not going to even take a look at the box score as I share my thoughts on what just went down in Dallas.  The Mavericks clearly played better than the Heat tonight, but the Heat stuck around in a close game.  Still in the end, the Mavericks back court finally hit their shots and has put Dallas in prime position to win the NBA championship.  Dirk played well in the fourth quarter and had a great game overall, but the difference in tonight's game was Jason Terry, JJ Barea and Jason Kidd.  All three of them made big three pointers throughout the game, especially Terry, who hit a three with under three minutes left to tie the game at 100.  Jason Terry played very well, using the pick and roll perfectly.  Having him run the pick and roll is the most effective, because he is more of a threat to pop a long range jumper if the defender dares to go under the pick. Additionally, Barea and Kidd did an amazing job of running the offense, as they both passed the ball effectively and limited turnovers.

In a series that has been dominated by defense, both teams came out firing.  Each team hit the 45 mark with about 7 minutes to play in the second quarter!  Both Miami and Dallas were scoring with ease, but Miami missed its' opportunities late in the fourth quarter.  Lebron was unable to hit a key three pointer and Wade couldn't find any space.  Both played very well tonight, but need to do a better job in order for Miami to force a game 7.  Shawn Marion deserves a lot of credit for the job he's doing on Lebron.  He's limiting him to tough shots and forcing him to give up the ball.  James had a triple-double, but he is more valuable to the team when he can take over and score himself.

Game 6 will be very interesting.  Lebron, Wade and Bosh will all have good games, but can Dirk finally bring that title back to Big D?

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