Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heat-Mavs Game 5

Stop the MJ comparisons.  Lebron is actually nothing like Michael.  Michael is the greatest of all-time, even Lebron would say that.  Let Lebron be himself.  He's the most dominant player in the game today and appreciate the fact that he's in the league.  Hate on him for his decision and personality, not for his basketball talent.  That being said, Lebron's 8 points in Game 4 brought back the "He's no MJ" talk.  You could tell Lebron gets more and more frustrated with the stupid questions from the media, but his obligated to sit their for a post-game conference. Honestly, who the hell cares about him and MJ right now? Let the Finals finish, then start talking.

So back to what actually matters, Game 5.  Here's 5 things that I think will happen:

-I expect Lebron to go crazy.  I would be shocked if he doesn't put up 30 points/10 assists or a 40 point/ 5 assists kind of game.  Lebron is way too good to not make a significant impact two games in a row. 

-Each game has gone down to the wire and there seems to be no reason why it won't happen again.  This is the beauty of the NBA.  Even if one of the team grabs a 10+ point lead, the other will make a run to stay in the game.  I think this game will be tight near the end and will ultimately be decided on the last possession or in overtime.

- Bosh will be the deciding factor once again.  After a monster series in Chicago, the PF has struggled to find his stroke this series.  Game 4 was one of his better games, but he's still shooting 35% from the field in the NBA Finals.  If Bosh plays well, the Heat will win. 

- Jason Kidd will record a double-double.  Kidd has done an awful job of taking care of the ball in the past few games, which is surprising coming from the Hall-of-Famer.  He'll bounce back with a great Game 5 and continue with his stellar defense.

- The Dallas Mavericks will win Game 5.  This is more so what I want to happen, than what I think will happen.  Anyways, I think a healthier Brendan Haywood will be a key to Dallas' interior defense and rebounding.  The Heat do a great job of attacking the rim with a player always following for an offensive rebound.  If Haywood and Chandler can control the boards, Wade & Co. will be going back home in need of two W's.

92-90 Mavs

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