Monday, June 27, 2011

Andre Igoudala's Top 5 Suitors

Igoudala isn't a superstar. He isn't a dynamic scorer. Still, Igoudala is the best player on his team. If put in the right scenario, he would become a valuable asset to a championship caliber team. He is a skilled passer and rebounder, not to mention a lock-down defender. He stands at 6'6 just under 210 pounds and combines that with unbelievable athleticism. Igoudala has been involved with many trade rumors in the past few weeks and he is probably going to be moved this off season, even with the lockout looming. He has a massive contract, but there a couple of teams that can pick it up. Here are what I consider to be the five teams that could most utilize him.

1. Los Angeles Clippers

Igoudala is definitely a fit for the Clippers. He would fit perfectly into the starting lineup to create a dynamic third punch after Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. That starting five is actually respectable and young: with Mo Willliams and DeAndre Jordan filling out the rest of the five. In any deal to the Clippers, the 76ers would get Chris Kaman in return, but he becomes expendable due to his injury history and the emergence of Jordan. With Randy Foye and Jomario Moon coming off the bench, this team could certainly make the playoffs.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers need to shake up their roster and they desperately need to get younger. Lamar Odom has been playing well in the past few years, but they do need someone new. Trading Odom for Iggy would help the Lakers tremendously by giving them a transition scorer. He would not mind taking a back seat to Kobe Bryant and it would allow Bryant to play with the ball more. Odom is a great player, who contributes in so many departments; however, after getting swept by the Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs, the Lakers could really use some change.

3. Phoenix Suns

The Suns still run a high paced offense and adding a transition scorer such as Igoudala could do wonders for this team. He would also add some much needed defensive help to a team that doesn't play much of it.  It seems as if any deal would include Marcin Gortat, but Aaron Brooks could also be on the move in any trade. This is a far-fetched idea, but the Suns would be much better with Iggy instead of Vince Carter.

4. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets have gone under a complete transformation after trading Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, but they have a ton of good pieces. Adding Igoudala would make them an instant contender because of their depth. I assume the trade offer would probably by Wilson Chander and Al Harrington, with a draft pick involved. Igoudala could fit in as the starting SG with Aaron Afflalo coming off the bench. The Nuggets then would have a deep bench and could easily make a push for a top 4 seed even in the West.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

I don't know how this trade would work, but I assume Ramon Sessions would be on the move. Iggy would provide some great leadership for a very young team. Kyrie Irving will need some help carrying the scoring load and there's no better way then having Igoudala there to help him. Having Iggy would allow Kyrie to play off the ball sometimes, which would make him very effective. Igoudala would also help stablilize this team, because there aren't many good defenders on the team. J.J. Hickson is a good  player in the paint, but there aren't any dual threats other than him on the team.

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