Friday, June 10, 2011

Heated Debate: Lebron James

Some would refer to him as the bully at the playground. Other would place him on the highest temples and name him king. No matter which side you choose, the discussions and intense arguments regarding Lebron will soon be summed up in a game or two. Though it seemed as if the Mavs made every shot and held Lebron in check, the South Beach superstar quietly walked away with a triple go along with a loss in Game 5. With Wade's injury during the game, James knew he had to perform at his best in order to try and squeeze out a win in an extremely hostile environment at the American Airlines Center. Just like "The Jet", or Jason Terry, the Dallas players and fans were soaring from the opening tip to the final buzzer. As for Mr. James, he walked off the court knowing he had a plane to catch back to Miami. But what does Lebron's impressive triple double mean? Nothing at all. Why? Yes, he's the sixth player since 1993 to record this incredible stat, but without the "W" in Game 5, those numbers fall to the ground. Though it is only his first season with the Miami Heat, "King James" maybe should have spent less time making promises to the Miami fans about how many championships the team is going to win. I am definitely not saying this series is over because lets face it, these playoffs have been very exciting and unpredictable. The fact of the matter is whether you love him or hate him, whether Lebron is the better player or Wade is, or whether ESPN should or should not have aired Lebron's decision, the Miami Heat had a lot to think about on their plane ride home last night Mr. James does not want to find himself relaxing on the beach this year or in years to come

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