Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MLB Top 10

After tonight's Game 7 between the Canucks and Bruins, the sports world will be left with solely the MLB for the summer. The season so far has been exciting, with two no-hitters, many 3 homerun games, and surprises all over the league.  The Red Sox and Rays both started the season terribly, but have since bounced back in to the teams everyone thought they would be.  The Yankees are the Yankees, hanging around the top of the standings.  The AL Central doesn't make sense, with the Twins still in last place with a 26-39 record.  The upstart Indians, who were once 15 games over .500, are now 35-30.  Over in the NL, the Central is filled with possible contenders, as the Brewers, Cardinals, Reds and Pirates are all .500 or better. Yes, I said the Pirates. The Phillies can't hit, but they're pitching has given them a 41-26 record so far.  Out West, the defending champion San Francisco Giants are 9 games over .500 despite being outscored this season. 

So here are my June 15 Top 10:

1. Phillies (41-26) - The rotation and bullpen are lights out and they own the 2nd best ERA in baseball.  With Howard batting only .249 they have still managed to score enough runs.  Only a matter of time before things start clicking for the slugger.

2. Red Sox (39-27) - The best offense in the MLB is covering for a sub-par pitching rotation. Adrian Gonzalez continues to rip the cover off the ball, as he's an early MVP candidate.

3. Yankees (37-28) - Curtis Granderson is taking advantage of the short fence in left field and has socked 21 homeruns in just 252 at bats, good for a homerun in ever 12 at bats. 

4. Brewers (38-30) - Braun and Fielder are both off to great starts, but the rotation is the reason why this team is a legitimate contender. Greinke, Gallardo, Marcum, Wolf, and Narveson make up a solid 1-5 rotation.

5. Cardinals (38-30) - Albert Pujols is heating up and is ready to carry this injured lineup.  Pujols amazingly has struck out only 25 times this season and has already stolen 5 bases.

6. Giants (38-29) - Lincecum is not himself, Buster Posey is out for the season, and the Giants are 29th in the league in runs; yet, they are still in first place. They won a championship by doing just enough to win and they have continued it through this season.

7.  Tigers (37-30) - Miguel Cabrera is making his case as an MVP candidate, while his teammate Justin Verlander is putting together a Cy Young season.  The Tigers look like the most-complete team in the Central right now.

8. Indians (35-30) - Pitching got them to a 30-15 record, but they have cooled off considerably.  Fausto Carmona may be packing his bags soon, as he's sporting a 5.71 ERA through 86.2 innings.

9. Rangers (36-32) - The 1-2 punch of Wilson and Ogando has led this pitching rotation to a solid start.  With the lineup they send out every night, as long as they pitch well, the Rangers will win.

10. Braves (38-30) - The Braves have got the injury bug this season, but they've been able to remain afloat with the best ERA in baseball.  When they get Heyward back this week, he will provide the push to get them to division contention. 

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