Monday, July 11, 2011

Plaxico to Chicago Makes Sense

Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears are traditionally a conservative bunch. They let go of Tank Johnson when he started having trouble with the law and even their play on the field suggests a conservative organization. After the addition of a pass-heavy quarterback in Jay Cutler, the Bears went under a huge change last season. Mike Martz was hired to run the offense, but he failed to take the offense to the next level. The offense struggled with consistency, as it ranked 22nd in the NFL in rushing yards and 28th in passing yards. It's difficult to pass the ball effectively without a solid ground game, so there was a lot of pressure on Cutler and the wideouts to perform.

So how can the Bears get to the Superbowl? I think taking a chance on Plaxico Burress could push this team to the next level. Back in Denver, Jay Cutler was putting up ridiculous numbers every game with his favorite target: Brandon Marshall. Marshall is 6'4 with big play ability, similar to Plaxico Burress. Plax stands at 6'5, which would give Cutler the big target that Chicago has been missing for years. Plax will come cheap and will pounce at any opportunity to start. He's been in jail for so long and you can already tell that he has come a long way from the "shooting himself" incident.

The Bears currently have a decent group of wide receivers, but they don't have a clear #1. Each NFLteam must have a possession-type receiver (one who will move the chains on 3rd down and be a proficient redzone target). The Bears don't have anybody that fits that mold, even if you include TE Greg Olsen. Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett, and Devin Hester are all capable of being good WRs, but none of them can be the leader of the receiving corps.

Insert Plaxico Burress and the Bears have a dynamic group of receivers. Knox's speed will be best utilized in the slot, so he could be used there while Bennett and Plax are the X and Y. The addition of Plaxico would also help the running game, as Burress is a matchup nightmare for cornerbacks with his big stature. There will be a safety there to help on him, pushing one more man out of the box, which will create a little more running room.

The Bears always have the defense to win a championship, but their offense seems to always bring them down to earth. Maybe taking a chance on Plaxico Burress will transform this team into a SuperBowl caliber team.

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