Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recap of 2010

It was a year of ups, downs, cheating and more, where you needed the will to win and you needed the strength to score.
Let's begin with the World Cup in summer twenty ten, USA had little shot but fought until the end. With Donovan in the clutch and pride shown left and right, the world ignored its conflicts and watched Spain win that humid night. With vuvuzelas blown and so hot you need no fleece, this game brought us such passion, energy, and each game some world peace. But earlier we saw the NHL take such a leap, the games were always stressful but heck tickets never cheap. The Flyers though they had it, Philly fans saw the trophy in sight, but Oh No! Woops, it's gone, because the Hawks swooped down in flight. A playoff for the ages, for the old, young, those who don't care, as Boston choked and Philly fell, we sought the truth and found the dare.
Now flashback to the winter with Mark Ingram on the attack, they kept on saying "Roll Tide" and it was true that Bama was back. They 'Hooked those Horns' and ran for glory, the offense looked so neat, but hold on just one moment because Saints are marching in the street. The contest was back and forth, too intense to make you laugh, the call of the year was truly great, onside kick right after half?! Camera's flashing ever second, Saints had done it, number one, they say images last forever just like Brees holding up his son.
"At the buzzer...!" the shot went up, we all gasped and wondered who would wear the crown, Butler had quite the chance but the shot just never went down. Yes Duke came into play, but the Bulldogs were no clown, they stood up tall and took the hits to show they run the town.\
And then the Nfl, hot teams: Pats, Pack, and Bears they keep on writing history just like Tiger and his affairs. You may have met her while away, or maybe at a bar, but C'MON MAN lets not be obvious by crashing up your car. But thats OK you got the money so go ahead and stack it, but congrats to Phil, "Mr. Lefty", who emotionally stole the green jacket.
And QUACK QUACK QUACK! to the Ducks out in the West, they play real well, they play real fast, they'll hit you in the chest, so zip up your tight vest because it's cold no time for rest, because Cam Newton's out to prove that he is clearly the all time best.
Here's to celebrating New Years, dance parties maybe in foam with naked pictures, losing seasons, and even collapsing domes oh woe to the Vikings who never conquered unlike Rome, Favre started hot, then crumbled fast, now time to sit at home.

Happy New Year from the Point After!
"The Point After is Good"

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