Monday, January 24, 2011

1/24 ESPN/USA Today College Basketball Rankings

Last night I posted my projected rankings and we can now compare them with their actual counterpart.

1. Ohio State
2. Pittsburgh
3. Duke
4. San Diego State
5. Connecticut
6. Kansas
7. Villanova
8. Texas
9. Brigham Young
10. Syracuse

Above are the actual rankings for this week, for the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll.  Ohio State garnered all 31 of the first place votes this week, after remaining unbeaten at 20-0.

My projected poll showed the same top ten teams, but with 5-8 in a different order.  I put Kansas ahead of Connecticut, simply because their only loss came to a team currently ranked in the top 10.  The coaches disagreed and put a hot UConn team ahead of the Jayhawks.  After UConn at 5 and Kansas at 6, the poll has Villanova in the 7th position.  Even as a student at Villanova, I disagree with this placement, as the Wildcats should not be in front of the Texas Longhorns.  Texas comes off a week beating Texas A&M and Kansas, who were both top ten teams last week.  I believe that is enough to jump at least Villanova, if not even more.  The top ten is rounded out by BYU and Syracuse, which is how I finished my top ten as well.

Overall the rankings are not too shocking, and no team really made a huge jump, except for Syracuse who fell 7 spots after a two-loss week.

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