Friday, January 13, 2012

Fisher to Rams

It is official: Jeff Fisher is now the coach of the St. Louis Rams. St. Louis desperately needed organizational change after a 2-14 regression of a season. One year after competing for a playoff spot with the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams' season was over by October. The gap between the division-leading 49ers and the bottom-feeder Rams could not have been any larger this year. Now, St. Louis intends to change that.

Jeff Fisher spent 17 seasons with the Tennessee Titans as their head coach. During his time there, he guided the franchise to a Super Bowl and numerous playoff appearances. The stability and veteran savvy that Fisher is known for is in great demand. The Rams have not had a winning season since 2003, and recently failed with a first time head coach in Steve Spagnulo.

The future in St. Louis, while recently bleak, is now bright with promise. The Rams already have Sam Bradford, a potential franchise quarterback, and the number 2 pick in this year's draft. While the rise of San Francisco is intimidating, the West seemingly changes hands every year and has been notoriously weak as of late. Rams fans, thank the football Gods that Fisher is now your coach as opposed to Miami's, for hope is in the air in St. Louis.

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