Thursday, November 10, 2011

NFL predictions

Howdy all, its time for some Thursday night NFL action. So pumped to watch some football tonight...oh wait...I can't since its on NFL network. Thats a moot point, thanks to atdhenet.

Here are my predictions for this weeks NFL match ups.

  1. Oakland vs San Diego. I'm taking San Diego in this 35-21. VJ is on a tear coming off a three TD performance last week, and Rivers is still trying to prove his worthiness of being an elite QB
  2. Buffalo vs Dallas. Being a Dallas fan I am biased, but gotta go with the Boys in this one. Dallas understands the urgency of winning games with the Giants pulling ahead, and the coming of the Demarco Murray era is underway. Dallas wins 24-17
  3. New Orleans vs Atlanta. Atlanta has been so sketchy this season. Matty Ice is not quite what we all though he would be, but he has had his big moments this season. Atlanta wins in a close one 24-23.
  4. Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati. Really? The Bengals are 6-2 and atop of their division? Who would have thought that...This will be a true test for the Bengals. They win in a tight match 27-24 one a game winning FG for bonus points
  5. St. Louis vs Cleveland. St. Louis still looking for that offense showing, and Cleveland is not that threatening either. Rematch of 2009 national championship of Bradford vs McCoy. I'll take the rams 17-3
  6. Jacksonville vs Indianapolis. Its been a long long long long time that Indianapolis has played Jacksonville with a worse record (1994). Sorry Indy, Jags win 35-10
  7. Denver vs Kansas City. Tim Tebow has another shot to prove his NFL worth. Broncos win 21-20.
  8. Washington vs Miami. Second coming for Reggie Bush? I'd like to see that, but never know what is going to come your way with Shanahan at the helm. Washington win 27-20
  9. Arizona vs Philadelphia. Mike Vick and the Eagles still have a lot to play for, and Arizona has been skeptical on defense aside from Patrick Peterson. Philly wins in a blow out 44-21
  10. Houston vs Tampa Bay. I like this game. Houston has the best running game in the NFL with 155.5 ypg on the ground. DT Albert Haynesworth just got picked up off waivers by the Bucs. Houston wins 31-24
  11. Tennessee vs Carolina. Cam the Man Newton will take over this game. Carolina wins 28-14
  12. Baltimore vs Seattle. Never know with Joe Flacco, but he did have a decisive TD pass to Torrey Smith to win the game in a very unfriendly Heinz Field. Baltimore wins 31-10
  13. Detroit vs Chicago. I love this match-up. Chicago defense had a huge game against Philly, and Detroit needs to get back on track. Stafford and Co. are 4-0 on the road, but I expect that streak to end here. Chicago wins 24-21
  14. New York Giants vs San Francisco. Jim Harbaugh has done wonders with this 49er team. The question will be if Frank Gore can carry the team against one of the league top run defenses. Giants win 17-14
  15. New England vs New York Jets. Sunday night football has a great game. New England just loss to the other New York team, but I can't see Brady's Bunch losing two in a row. Patriots win 27-17
  16. Minnesota vs Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is a beast of a football player and Minnesota relies to heavily on Peterson to put the ball in the end zone these days. I want to see Minnesota run the ball all day, but do no think it will be enough to handle the high octane offense of the Packers. Green Bay wins in a blow out at Lambeu 42-14
Let's see how this plays out

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