Tuesday, November 1, 2011

25 Predictions for the Rest of the NFL Season

Only one team is undefeated (Packers) and only one team has just one loss (49ers). The scary part is that there are about 10 teams that I can write off for the rest of the season, in that they have basically no chance to make the playoffs. That means, that 22 teams have shown me enough to consider them in playoff "contention", showing just how level the playing field is this season.

I have made 25 bold predictions and I will grade myself at the end of the season!

1. The Cincinnati Bengals make the playoffs.

2. The NFC East Champion wins just 10 games.

3. At 10-6, the Lions will finally make the playoffs.

4. The Chiefs win the AFC West.

5. The NFC East will produce just one playoff team, while the North will have three.

6. The 49ers will clinch the division before December.

7. Aaron Rodgers wins the MVP award easily, as the Pack win 15 games.

8. Cam Newton leads the league in passing yards.

9. The Bills falter and miss the playoffs.

10. That spot will go to the New York Jets.

11. The AFC North will have two teams make it to the playoffs: Steelers and Bengals.

12. Indianapolis wins a game before Week 13.

13. Miami wins the "Suck for Luck" race.

14. The bottom three teams in the NFC West (Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams) will struggle to get 10 wins combined.

15. Demarcus Ware shatters Michael Strahan's sack record, as he records 24 sacks.

16. Chris Johnson finishes with more 100 yard rushing games than Ray Rice.

17. LeSean McCoy leads the league in rushing yards and scores over 15 rushing TDs.

18. The Saints win the NFC South.

19. The Texans finally make the playoffs.

20. Tim Tebow starts just 3 more games this season.

21. Rex Grossman finishes the season as the starting QB.

22. Chad Ochocinco doesn't break 300 receiving yards.

23. My AFC playoff teams: Patriots, Steelers, Texans, Chiefs, Jets, Bengals

24. My NFC playoff teams: Packers, Saints, 49ers, Eagles, Lions, Bears

25. The New York Jets play the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl.


neil said...

number 25 is bold

wyatt said...

25 is too bold...no way pussy sanchez takes them to the bowl. pack over pats in the bowl.

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