Monday, October 10, 2011

Prime Time Lions

The Detroit Lions are relevant. That alone is shock, let alone their success. After the 2008 win-less season some NFL fans wondered why the Lions were still an organization, and the situation seemed completely hopeless. However, in his third year as the Lions' head coach Jim Schwartz has put together a team that has a positive outlook. Schwartz had a dream to build a winner and in order to do so he put his team together from the inside out.

Starting with the defensive trenches, drafting Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairly in consecutive years, the Lion have a legitimate defense along with an up and coming offense. Matthew Stafford, in this third season as well, and Calvin Johnson are a quarterback-receiver combination from hell for defenses. Johnson, known to some as Megatron, is a seemingly unstoppable force that secondaries around the NFL have no choice but to fear.

Because of all their recent success the 4-0 Lions find themselves at home on Monday Night Football for the first time in over ten years. Detroit hasn't started a season 5-0 since 1956, which was before the Super Bowl Era even began. Having not played with the spotlight or expectations to win in years it will be interesting to see how the Lions respond. Look for the biggest match up to be between the Lions' defensive line against a suspect Bears offensive line. Jay Cutler has been thrown around all season by defenses and if the Lions can do that, and contain running back Matt Forte, they may be well on route to that 5-0 start.

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