Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey Tony, It's Time to Rise

Tony Romo is the easiest target in the NFL for all the haters of the Dallas Cowboys; however, despite his collapses in two of his first four games this season, there is still a long way to go in season. At 2-2, Dallas is right in the middle of the NFC East and ahead of the "Dream Team," plus is 1-0 in the division. The Jets and the Lions were both losses that could definitely fall on the shoulders of Tony Romo, but he needs to look past both of these games. Clearly he is an extremely talented player, and has the ability to carry the offensive to victory. He needs to slow the ball down in the fourth quarter, and trust his offence to make plays.

This part is directed at you Romo, time to be remembered as a hero in Dallas. Another unsuccessful could very well drive you out of Dallas.

With Dallas going into a bye, Romo will have time to regroup and gain back his confidence. They will play week 6 in Foxborough and take on the New England Patriots.

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