Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recap of Villanova Sports: 2010-2011

Started with a kickoff and an opening tip, coming back for revenge against those we dismiss. Defending as champions on and off our home turf, the competition was out to get us and we were in for the worst. A QB with experience and knowing about the game, however interceptions here and there it all seems to be the same. Tight wins, close losses, tension building in the air and to put the cherry on top, our superstar went down...then no one cared. So whose to blame for inconsistant play? But wait, we're in the semifinals, turn on ESPN and clearly say " How possibly did we get here we better tackle and block like shields, but what's the deal with their red turf, c'mon are there really red fields?" The travel out West hurt their chance and all their wishes and needs, but then again we came to play, beating #1 AND two seeds. So hats off to Nova football for a season well done, Talley's troops will come back firing for the trophy and to be number one (again).

Believing in a team takes passion and pride, with three seniors at the helm it seemed like we were in for a ride, and oh were we ever after being 16-1, the tough part of the season presented no fun. Win here, losses there little hope around school with brackets busting left and right, you didn't have to be a fool to know that the tourney was far out in sight, but somehow we made it on Selection Sunday that night. The team had proven they can play ball, but could they handle the pressure with their backs against the wall? A Patriot team like cinderella at the ball, surprising big schools and watching them fall. Would it happen again, a close game first round? Well let's just say we were like dogs in the pound, shut down throughout the game like a computer on lock, hit a few threes and they got a few blocks. One final shot at the end of the game, hit the upper window and hope was never the same. A tough season to say the least, but there's good times very near, hopefully 2011-2012 we'll be able to cheer even louder and more with little complaints to say, in order to get noticed and bring back Gameday. Yes, a season of ups and downs it was hard to conceive, but forget about the tough times and always believe.

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