Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Real NBA Season Begins

16 wins separate 16 teams from the NBA championship.  There is no such thing as an easy road to the title, with many teams dealing with injured players.  Some have been waiting for ages for this to begin, as a star-studded free agent class last season has put many teams in position to win the NBA Championship.  The Heat, Bulls, and Knicks would not have been in this position, if it weren't for the signing of franchise players.  The East is front-loaded, while the West is deep.  So who will come out as the NBA Champion? Here are my predictions.


Chicago over Pacers in 5
Miami over Philadelphia in 4
Boston over New York in 6
Orlando over Atlanta in 7

Chicago over Orlando in 6
Miami over Boston in 5

Chicago over Miami in 7 (Home court advantage is the key for the Bulls)


Memphis over San Antonio in 6 
Los Angeles over New Orleans in 5
Dallas over Portland in 6
Denver over Oklahoma City in 6

Denver over Memphis in 6
Los Angeles over Dallas in 6

Los Angeles over Denver in 5

Los Angeles over Chicago in 6

This is a safe pick, but if Bynum is healthy, the Lakers are the best team in the league.  Kobe Bryant is a different player in the playoffs and with such a strong bench and Phil Jackson on the bench, the Lakers will three-peat once again.  Jackson will get his 12th ring and Kobe's 6th will bring up even more MJ comparisons, even though it's still not close.  

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