Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh "Maya", Oh "Maya": Final Four

Disregard the title. Now picture a player scoring 3,000 points during their career. Now picture his or her team on their way to the Final Four looking to bring home a third straight championship. Whether its men's or women's sports, there is no objection against Maya Moore's ultimate talents at Uconn when shes on the court. Heading into the night, the Uconn Women's basketball team seemed a little shaky and not as dominate as years past. After leading #2 Duke 30-20 at halftime, the audience may have thought this game would come down to the wire. Well, lets just say that the Huskies made sure this wouldn't happen as they went on a 22-3 run right after intermission. Their defense trapped the Blue Devils everywhere on the floor while their crisp passing made it easy for Moore and others to take mid-range shots which therefore led to their dominance on the boards. While Uconn shot 32-54 from the field, Duke was the polar opposite as they only made 15 shots out of 59. For being a number two seeded team, that is just too embarrassing of a stat to repeat. To make matters worse, the Devils had more turnovers, nineteen, than shots. Maya finished the game with 28 points and 10 rebounds as the Huskies flattened Duke 75-40. Connecticut's on their way back to the Final Four looking to build off this blowout and Moore's momentum. Congrats to Maya for her unbelievable carreer at Uconn and hopefully she can bring home the trophy...again.

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Deron R. Pope said...

I couldn’t believe those numbers; when I saw the score of the game it made me wonder when women’s college basketball will achieve some sense of parity and competitive balance. 75-40 is a ridiculous score for an elite eight game, especially one that includes a 1st and 2nd seed.

I did some research to determine if this score is indicative of lack of parity or just an exception. There were some mixed results that were also somewhat surprising.

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