Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Madness Begins

Excitement, buzzer beaters, upsets, tears, smiles, noise, and oh yeah...Gus Johnson and Dick Vitale. March Madness is finally upon us and has always proven to be one of the most thrilling times of the year. The 2010-2011 college basketball season was very tricky and was jam packed with teams who bursted onto headlines (BYU and SDSU) after starting off hot in the regular season, teams who crumbled but bounced back (Kansas State), and those who saw their tournament dreams robbed from them (Colorado, Virginia Tech, Alabama);don't even get me started on that topic. Yes, the magic of college basketball in my opinion has opened the eyes of thousands of people across the nation because the season was literally unpredictable.
The addition of four "play in" games instead of two this year allows for lesser and more unknown teams the chance to prove they can play with the best college basketball programs. This year, UAB and VCU will get the chance to try and earn themselves a spot in the bracket. There has been much debate as to whether or not these two teams deserve to be in the tournament, but the fact of the matter is what's done is done, despite many disagreements. I wish UAB and VCU best of luck, but feel extremely sympathetic for Colorado and Virginia Tech who had outstanding years and showed the nation that their basketball programs will be fired up and ready for the opening tip-off to the season next year.
The four #1 seeds, Ohio State, Pitt, Duke, and Kansas will be ready to play but watch out because I gaurantee you whoever plays them will play with lots of heart, extreme tenacity and attitude in order to make a statement. BYU and SDSU, as highlighted before, find themselves in the national spotlight and are looking to perform well in the tournament in order to proudly represent the West Coast. So, from this post you can probably tell I am excited for March Madness right? Well here's how I really feel...
LETS GOO!! I wait every year for March. Not for the cold weather, not for the end of the school year but for the NCAA Tournament (with bathing suit season right around the corner). Ok, nevermind that last part but without further wait, ladies and gentlemen welcome to March Madness. The place where memories are made, hearts are shattered, nets are cut down, and where every single point, play, turnover and free throw counts. So buckle up, sit back, turn that remote to CBS or ESPN and prepare for an event thats "AWESOME BABY!!!" (Dick Vitale voice)
"The Point After is Good"

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