Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maalik Wayns to Enter NBA Draft

Maalik Wayns, like many expected, has entered the NBA Draft. Wayns, listed at 6'2 185, is coming off his highest scoring season as a Junior. He has not hired an agent, which leaves the possibility of a return to Villanova for his senior season. Wayns averaged 17.6 points and 4.6 assists per game in a season which many Villanovans are ready to forget about. 

From a pure basketball eye test, Maalik Wayns is an NBA player. Not really a starter or even a role player, but he has the skills to contribute at the next level. That being said, he is certainly not ready. That is why I believe he will return for his Senior year. Given the reins for the first time this season, the Wildcats finished 14th in the Big East. It is not how Maalik wants to go out, so he will do exactly what Scottie Reynolds did a few years ago. Wayns will go through the workouts, talk to the NBA teams, and then return back to Villanova when he is told that IF he gets drafted, it will be in the late second round.

Wayns has a lot to work on in his game, especially the mental aspect of it. He is a point guard, but doesn't play like one. His shot selection is abysmal, which contributed to his 41.4% field-goal percentage. He has improved his jump shot, but shot under 30% from long range. Additionally, his defense needs major revamping. If he wants to make it to the next level, he needs to know his place and role. He is an incredibly quick point guard with great handles. He can make all the passes and can score in bunches. In the NBA he is best-suited for a backup point guard role, in which he can come in with the second unit and run the offense efficiently. He must become a pass-first player, because there are only a handful of point guards in the league that can score 20 points a game. Wayns has ways to go before he is NBA ready, so I fully expect him to come back and prove himself next year at Villanova. 

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