Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Photo Taken by Joshua Kelsey
The newest craze since Planking has become bigger than anybody had ever imagined. Millions of fans have jumped onto the Tim Tebow bandwagon, including me. I love this guy. He just goes out and plays the game of football. Never complains or whines. He's got the rest of the team believing, while the rest of the world is Tebowing. I'm sure you've heard plenty about him and his 7-1 record this season, which has the Broncos a game up on the Raiders with just 3 games left. The Broncos aren't a huge threat to make a deep postseason run, but hey at this point, can you really count them out? The defense is playing like one of the best in the NFL and as we all know "defense wins championships". I'm certain there are plenty of haters out there and rightfully so as he is changing the game as we know it; however, for all people that can't accept the fact that Tim Tebow is a great quarterback. Just remember that the Broncos don't care what you think, cause all that matters is that he's winning football games.
Photo Taken by Stephen Siciliano

For all of you that have gotten Tebow fever, I have included a couple of pictures of Tebowing at its finest.  The picture above is self explanatory, while the one on the left (Jeff Cassel) is taken in front of the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum.

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