Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Villanova Football Update

After a long summer of a NFL lockout, football fans crossed their fingers tightly and hoped for a professional football season. Now as the pros get back into action, the college football hype continues to increase as well as students and fans countdown the days until opening kickoff for the 2011 season.
After two stellar seasons, the Villanova team is preparing for the season with many questions at hand. First, with the loss of the 6-2, 233 lb quarterback Chris Whitney, the Widcats are searching for a leader of the pack. Senior Marlon Calbi is next in line along with Christian Culcerto, however their heights and lack of playing time may limit their chances at getting the starting role behind center. So what does this mean for Nova? Coach Andy Talley in a recent video said that this years freshman class has an extreme amount of talent and redshirt-freshman QB Dustin Thomas could potentially start. Though the quarterback postion is uncertain, Talley believes in his fierce defense which the Wildcats have displayed the past few years from winning a championship, to knocking off two #1 seeds in the playoffs, and falling just shot in the semifinals in 2010. For more information about the Villanova football team check out other interviews with players (Lawrence Doss and Rakim Cox) and coaches (WR Coach Brian Flinn) on the "Point After". Stay tuned for more updates. Also, be sure to "like" the Point After on Facebook @ http://!/pages/The-Point-After/207708102591621.

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Marlon Calbi, not Calla. Check the roster.

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